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Angelo's Ristorante Logo

Angelo's Ristorante

247 N. York Road
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Tel: 630-833-2400
Free Delivery
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Our History

Angelo Battaglia emigrated to the United States with his wife Rosalia and their children in 1972 from the village of Altavilla Milicia, on the Italian island of Sicily.


In 1974, along with his brother Tony, they opened Two Brothers From Italy, here in Elmhurst.

They brought authentic old world recipes, along with skills learned from their parents, relatives & from working in restaurants back home.

Angelo’s strong desire to be successful and to be able to provide for his family, helped him open a second restaurant, also in Elmhurst, Angelo’s Ristorante & Banquets in 1994.

Angelo, along with his eldest child Josh Battaglia, created an upscale dining experience.  Their recipes, along with only using the freshest ingredients, and their care in preparing your meal, have made for a place to truly enjoy fine Italian foods.

The Battaglia family, including, now his grandchildren welcome you to experience the charm of the surroundings and the sophisticated menu selections, all served by a staff that understands how to make you feel welcome.

Buena Appetito!

– The Battaglia Family


Calamari Fritti $ 13.95

lightly floured calamari w/lemon juice & savory seasoning

Grilled Calamari or Octopus $ 14.95

grilled to perfection served with baby greens with a garlic, lemon & white wine seasoning

Mussels Diavolo $ 12.95

steamed mussels in a spicy cherry tomato sauce with pesto crostinis

Clams in Garlic & Oil $ 12.95

steamed baby clams in our garlic & oil sauce

Bruschetta Siciliana $ 11.95

crostini topped with fresh mozzarella, basil & balsamic reduction

Bruschetta Romano $ 6.95

roman garlic bread w/olive oil, fresh cubed tomatoes & seasoning

Spinach Artichoke Dip $ 12.95

sautéed artichoke, spinach & cheese sauce w/toasted garlic points for dipping

Artichoke Hearts $ 10.95

sautéed artichoke hearts with garlic, wine & seasoned bread crumbs

Grilled Eggplant $ 12.95

grilled eggplant w/fresh tomato basil

Crab Cakes $ 13.95

served w/arugula salad & topped with a chipotle hollandaise sauce

Shrimp Scampi $ 13.95

5 jumbo shrimp in lemon butter sauce served w/arugula salad

Oysters 1/2 Doz. $ 18.95 • Doz. $ 20.95

freshly shucked

Baked Clams 1/2 Doz. $ 10.95 • Doz. $ 17.95

freshly shucked or w/our seasoned bread crumbs

Raw Clams 1/2 Doz. $ 10.95 • Doz. $ 16.95

freshly shucked or w/our seasoned bread crumbs

Antipasto Platter For 2 $ 11.95 • For 4 $ 16.95

an assortment of meats & cheeses w/marinated olives & roasted red peppers


Soups & Salads

Caprese Insalata $ 10.95

tomatoes w/fresh mozzarella, basil, black olives, balsamic glaze & olive oil

Pollo Caesar Insalata $ 12.95

grilled chicken breast w/romaine, parmesan, black olives, & red onions

Asparagus Salad $ 8.95

asparagus tossed in lemon juice, fresh tomatoes & basil topped w/crumbled bleu cheese

Angelo’s House Salad $ 4.95

mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers & black olives w/crumbled bleu cheese tossed w/homemade balsamic vinaigrette

Tomatoes & Onion $ 8.95

seasoned w/fresh Italian herbs & dressing (Anchovies are optional)

Antipasto Salad $ 14.95

mixed greens, artichoke hearts w/cold cuts including salami, mortadella, capicola & mozzarella cheese served w/house dressing

Marinated Seafood Salad $ 14.95

octopus, calamari, shrimp, celery, onions, garlic, olive oil, vinegar & herbs

Minestrone Cup $ 3.95 • Bowl $ 4.95
Soup of the Day Cup $ 3.95 • Bowl $ 4.95

Wood-Oven Pizza

Sicilian Margherita $ 12.95

fresh homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & topped w/basil

Artichoke Heart Lover $ 16.95

artichoke hearts, fresh goat cheese & topped w/arugula

Prosciutto & Roasted Veggies $ 16.95

caramelized onions, red peppers, bleu cheese & fresh mozzarella

Grilled Vegetable Experience $ 18.95

grilled red peppers, caramelized onions & portobello mushrooms topped w/fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, fresh arugula & balsamic glaze

Sweet Sausage $ 16.95

sweet fennel sausage, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella & provolone cheese

Gluten Free Pizza Available ADD $3



All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad Served Family Style for the Table


Cheese or Meat Ravioli $ 15.95

w/meat or marinara sauce

Meat or Spinach Lasagna $ 16.95

mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan & romano cheese

Stuffed Shells $ 15.95

creamy ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & fresh spinach topped w/marinara sauce

Carbonara Fettuccini $ 16.95

prosciutto in a romano cream sauce

Alfredo Fettuccini $ 15.95

parmesan cream sauce w/a hint of garlic

Garlic & Oil Linguine $ 14.95

sauteed garlic & extra virgin olive oil

Fresh Tomato Basil Bowtie $ 14.95

fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic, olive oil & marinara sauce

Arrabiata Rigatoni $ 16.95

spicy red sauce w/fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, & garlic

Tortellini Con Pollo $ 18.95

cheese tortellini w/grilled chicken & spinach in a creamy pesto sauce

Puttanesca Spaghetti $ 16.95

fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic, capers, kalamata olives, basil & anchovies

Vitello De Angelo $ 16.95

egg pappardelle pasta w/diced veal, mushrooms & peas i a creamy alfredo sauce

Seafood Ravioli $ 28.95

stuffed w/lobster & shrimp, topped w/half a lobster tail & shrimp in a white champagne sauce

Chicken Livers $ 16.95

sautéed chicken livers, onions & mushrooms in a tomato sauce

Spinach & Sausage Con Rigatoni $ 17.95

roasted tomatoes & mushrooms in a light herb tomato sauce

Pasta Absolut $ 16.95

cavatelli or bowtie pasta topped w/a tomato vodka cream sauce

Zuppe Di Pesce Con Linguine $ 35.95

4oz lobster along w/calamari, mussels, shrimp & clams w/marinara or garlic & oil

Gamberi Broccoli Fettuccine $ 19.95

shrimp w/broccoli in a buttery herb sauce

Gamberi Diablo Linguine $ 19.95

shrimp w/fresh tomatoes, herbs & garlic in a spicy tomato sauce

Seafood Linguine $ 19.95

garlic & extra virgin olive oil or marinara sauce w/your choice of calamari, clams or mussels

Penne Piemontese $ 16.95

mild italian sausage & mushrooms w/a touch of mascarpone cheese

ADD a Side of Meatballs, Sausage or Braciole $ 3.95



All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad or Soup


Potato Crusted Tilapia $ 20.95

tilapia topped w/bruschetta in a garlic butter sauce w/asparagus

Salmon Alla Fresco $ 20.95

grilled salmon, fresh avocados & cherry tomatoes w/steamed asparagus

White Fish or Salmon Francese $ 17.95

lightly battered w/a hint of garlic dipped in a lemon butter sauce

Tilapia Florentina $ 21.95

roasted tilapia stuffed w/crab meat & shrimp over sauteed spinach

Stuffed Calamari $ 21.95

calamari stuffed w/crab meat, sauteed spinach & garlic in a buttery lemon sauce

Mare Monti $ 24.95

sauteed shrimp, mussels, baby clams & calamari in a light pesto sauce, topped w/steamed potatoes & vegetables over linguine


Chicken or Veal


All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad or Soup


Venetian Apricot Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

grilled in a citrus sauce w/broccoli, asparagus & diced tomatoes

Marsala Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

mushrooms & scallions in a marsala wine sauce

Francese Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

batter-dipped, sauteed w/a hint of garlic in a lemon butter sauce

Cacciatori Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

roasted w/onions, mushrooms, kalamata olives & bell peppers

Vesuvio Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

bone-in chicken roasted w/rosemary, garlic & potatoes in a light white wine sauce

Parmigiana Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

breaded w/marinara sauce & melted fresh mozzarella served w/a side of pasta

Amore Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

prosciutto & provolone stuffed w/mushrooms w/a brandy orange juice sauce

Scalopine Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

roasted & sauteed w/mushrooms, onions & tomatoes in a light tomato sauce

Saltimbocca Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

topped w/prosciutto & fresh mozzarella over sage & spinach

Piccata Chicken $ 18.95 • Veal $ 24.95

sauteed w/garlic & capers in a lemon white wine sauce


Off The Grill


All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad or Soup


Filet Pepe Verde $ 29.95

filet mignon w/sauteed mushrooms, peppercorns & creamy cognac

Black Truffle Filet $ 29.95

grilled filet over a wild mushroom risotto, sun-dried tomatoes & black truffle oil, topped w/shaved parmesan

Gorgonzola Encrusted Ribeye $ 28.95

gorgonzola encrusted ribeye served w/roasted potatoes & asparagus

Breaded Ribeye $ 28.95

olive oil & seasoned bread crumbs grilled to perfection, served with potatoes, onions & asparagus

Rack of Lamb $ 32.95

full rack of lamb w/wild mushrooms, garlic & fresh mint in a balsamic reduction

Rack of Lamb Vesuvio $ 32.95

full rack of lamb w/rosemary, garlic & potatoes in a light white wine sauce

Pork Chops Alla Griglia $ 23.95

20 oz. pork chop grilled to perfection w/sauteed mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes w/au jus sauce

Sausage & Peppers $ 16.95

grilled homemade sausage, sauteed green peppers & onions




All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad


Eggplant Parmigiana $ 15.95

baked slices of eggplant in our house marinara sauce, topped w/fresh slices of mozzarella

Stuffed Eggplant Parmigiana $ 17.95

spinach stuffed eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta & parmesan


Gluten Free


All Entrées Include Angelo’s House Salad Served Family Style for the Table


Gnocchi $ 19.95

in a tomato vodka cream sauce

Spinach Gnocchi $ 19.95

in a garlic & oil sauce with sautéed spinach

Four Cheese Ravioli $ 19.95

in an alfredo sauce

Portobello Ravioli $ 19.95

in a mushroom & ham alfredo sauce

Risotto Di Angelo $ 20.95

shrimp, mushrooms, chives & basil w/a creamy herb risotto

Torre Di Pisa $ 19.95

grilled portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers & eggplant w/a creamy herb risotto

Seafood Risotto $ 22.95

calamari, shrimp & garlic & oil w/red plum tomato sauce

Osso Bucco $ 26.95

braised veal shank w/rosemary risotto w/onions, celery & carrots


Family Style


No take home

Serves 4 or More


Simple Family Style $ 17.95 per person

Angelo’s House Salad
Garlic Bread
Mostaccioli Marinara
Bowtie Alfredo
Sausage & Meatballs
Lemon Ice for Dessert

Angelo’s Table $ 22.95 per person

Angelo’s House Salad
Penne Marinara
Bowtie Alfredo
Sausage & Green Peppers
Chicken & Potatoes Vesuvio
Eggplant Parmigiana
Fresh Fruit or Tiramisu for Dessert


Daily Lunch Buffet


Monday – Friday from 11am – 2pm



12 Assorted Salads
Mixed Greens
Pasta with Vegetables
Potato Salad

Deviled Eggs
Seafood Salad
Whole Smoked Salmon
2 Daily Soups & Pizza

10 Assorted Entrees
Fried Calamari
Chicken Vesuvio
Eggplant Parmigiana

Garlic & Oil Pasta
Marinara Pasta
Sausage & Peppers
6 Assorted Desserts


Early Bird Specials


Sunday – Thursday from 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Available for Dine In Only

All Entrées Include Soup or Angelo’s House Salad


Baked White Fish $ 11.95

white wine sauce, served on a bed of sauteed spinach

Half Slab of Baby Back Ribs $ 11.95

served in a tangy bbq sauce with french fries vesuvio

Meat or Spinach Lasagna $ 11.95

mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan & romano cheese

Rigatoni with Broccoli $ 11.95

garlic & oil and onions

Marinara or Meat Sauce $ 11.95

on a pasta of your choice

Chicken Vesuvio $ 11.95

roasted chicken with rosemary, garlic & potatoes in a light white wine sauce

Sausage & Peppers $ 11.95

grilled homemade sausage, sauteed green peppers & onions

Alfredo Fettuccini $ 11.95

parmesan cream sauce with a hint of garlic

Cheese or Meat Ravioli $ 11.95

with meat or marinara sauce

Chicken Francese $ 11.95

batter-dipped chicken, sauteed with a hint of garlic in a lemon butter sauce

Eggplant Parmigiana $ 11.95

baked slices of eggplant in our house marinara sauce, topped with fresh slices of mozzarella

Pasta Primavera $ 11.95

fresh vegetables in a garlic & oil or marinara sauce

Pasta Absolut $ 11.95

bowtie pasta topped with tomato vodka cream sauce

Add Sausage or Meatballs $ 2

to any pasta dish

Seafood Linguine $ 17.95

garlic & extra virgin olive oil or marinara sauce with your choice of calamari, clams or mussels

No other specials or coupons accepted with this menu



247 N. York Road
Elmhurst, IL, 60126 - 630-833-2400, USA


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